Boat valetting for your peace of mind from Master Clean

Boat valetting is a specialised business – don’t let the amateurs anywhere near your boat!

We look after both the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE of your boat so that you can be proud of it – always.



We can restore the hull of your boat to its pristine condition, with no hint of yellowing or stains. Generally that means:

Getting rid of oxidisation – on either the soft gel or the painted finish. We will restore it to a gleaming white finish both above and below the water line

Power washing the hull in preparation for application of anti-foul paint, getting rid of barnacles and/or sea beard.



There’s a lot we can do for the inside of your boat too. For instance:

Restore faded or soiled leather

Careful cleaning of the carpets

Clean fabric upholstery

Clean and restore internal decking

General cleaning throughout

Our experienced, courteous and versatile cleaning teams are fully trained to achieve the highest cleaning standards, from rugs and upholstery to all hard surfaces with different finishes. The products used are of the highest specification, and from established manufacturers.

Specialized in the cleaning and valetting of boats, Master Clean offers their owners the ultimate in-depth cleaning services.

Here is a full list of available services:

  • Initial Valets (full internal and external)
  • Polishing of the superstructure
  • Polishing hull
  • Wax polishing of the superstructure
  • Hull wax polishing
  • Antifouling
  • Rib cleaning
  • Interior cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Cleaning the bilge and engine
  • Steam clean all covers
  • Rust removal
  • Fire and smoke damage

Just LOOK at some of the work we have done

with TOTAL customer satisfaction.







BEFORE Master Clean TreatmentAFTER Master Clean Treatment

And have a look at this photograph – you can clearly see the difference between the untreated (dark) and treated (light) section.

We handle ANTI-FOULING treatments for hull. keel or engine areas –
good preventative maintenance.

Please remember:

  1. We are the EXPERTS so you can leave your boat with us with confidence
  2. We GUARANTEE our work
  3. We are fully insured for your peace of mind
  4. If you have ANY questions whatsoever, feel free to ring us to discuss your concerns