Master Clean has been cleaning the windows of homes and businesses in the Midlands of Ireland for decades, and our customers keep coming back year after year!

Many companies today are jumping on the ‘bandwaggon’ of the Reach & Wash pole systems, but after much consideration we prefer to continue with the tried and tested system used by professional window cleaners from Day 1. Why?

  • Well – to start with we can be sure the windows are really clean because we are up close to them.
  • Secondly, the pole system has real problems when it comes to removing bird droppings
  • Thirdly, we can clean the window frames and edges, which can be difficult with the pole system
  • And frankly – it gives an overal better job!

Master Clean’s team of highly trained and seasoned professional technicians will bring your windows to perfection in pristine condition. We are trained and experienced. We have the best tools, cleaners, and techniques. We will give your home or business the most transparent glass you have ever seen.

Professional window cleaning covering the Midlands

  • Professional, insured and highly qualified cleaners
  • Quick response time
  • Domestic and business cleaning
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Establised company
  • Interior window cleaning services are also available

Get your Windows cleaned!

We use multiple cleaning methods (the traditional method, included) and have all the tools we need. Each of our methods produces excellent results.

Traditional Window Cleaning – This is the method we all know and continue to be preferred by hundreds of our valued customers in the Athlone area. Unlike the previous method, we use detergents to clean the glass. This is what we suggest when cleaning the interior.

3-step window cleaning process

Step 1

Scrub and scrub windows to remove buildup of dirt, dust, grease, and airborne pathogens.

Step 2

The glass is thoroughly cleaned using high quality equipment and detergents, eliminating 99.9% of germs in the pores of the glass.

Step 3

The threshold and edges are cleaned and dried, leaving behind only a perfectly clean and shiny glass.

We can clean your windows regularly or provide a one-off service, but for keeping us you will get a discount. You decide how often you want to clean your windows. In our experience, having our staff clean your windows every two months or so is the best solution, but every customer, building and location is different, so their cleaning needs are different as well. Plus, clean windows enhance the look of your surroundings indoors and out.

We have had decades of experience of window cleaning – both domestic and industrial. We can undertake contract work for shops and business premises as well as make your home a place to be proud of with shining windows!

Need professional cleaning?