Upholstery cleaning from a specialist company you can rely on

Your upholstery is heavily used daily, and dirt and grime can appear quickly. Keeping your upholstered furniture clean prolongs the lifetime of the fabric and furniture you like. The upholstered furniture of your home, such as sofas and chairs, are widely used and need to be cleaned, as well as carpets. And if you have pets and children, your upholstery suffers and needs more cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning is an art – if it’s done wrong there’s no going back!

Master Clean’s professional technicians are experts in choosing the right cleaning system for all types of fabrics and different levels of contamination.

Although dirt and spots are inevitable in the house, they need not necessarily be permanent. The upholstery cleaned with Master Clean will look and will feel like new. Our Master Clean technicians are friendly, professional and well-trained, and their goal is to meet your needs, exceed your expectations and leave you with cleaner furniture and a healthier home. 

The Master Clean® service ensures that dirt is eliminated without the risk of damaging your upholstered furniture. We can often clean upholstery which other companies may refuse to attempt. For all furnishing fabric, our technicians use products, equipment and custom methods at each stage of the process to get the best results.

Need professional cleaning?

The Process

Master Clean offers a deeper, more durable and healthier furnishing experience. Using a natural and ecological cleaning solution, millions of tiny bubbles raise dirt, soil, dust and other allergens from fiber of upholstery to the surface where they can be easily removed. Because we use about 80% less water than ordinary steam cleaners, cleaning your upholstered furniture with Master Clean will result in a faster drying time and will result in less turbulence in your home.

Master Clean uses the best methods to remove dirt and dust from the surface of your furnishing fabric where it is sucked up using our powerful Master Clean cleaning systems.

Master Clean offers unique benefits

  • Safe for all types of upholstery, including some of the finest natural fibers and the most resistant synthetics.
  • Safe for children and animals.
  • Save money because Master Clean leaves no sticky residue or attracting dirt, which can resoil prematurely and require more frequent cleaning.
  • Ideal for car interiors, boat interiors, office partitions, furniture and any padded items.

We are committed to treating your home, family and pets with courtesy and care they deserve. Our friendly and professionally trained technicians understand that preparing to clean your furniture is a big deal, and they are proud to provide better and healthier results for your family and home.

When looking for local furniture cleaning services, look no further than Master Clean Professional. We have had decades of experience in upholstery cleaning so know how to do the job professionally.

Trust your upholstery cleaning to Master Clean and be proud of the results!

We are ready to help you with your upholstery cleaning needs.