Have you ever checked your curtains and pelmets to see how much dust has accumulated on the surfaces? Your curtains act like air filters. They capture and hold dust and odours suspended in the air.

Test it yourself with a simple sniff test. Place the curtain fabric near your nose and smell. You will soon know if it is cool and clean or old and dirty.

Unlike carpets and floors, curtains resist daily wear, but still require a little care and attention to stay at their best.

If the idea of ​​removing your blinds and taking them to the cleaner seems intimidating, Master Clean is here to help you!

Master Clean specializes in cleaning carpets, curtains and upholstery and offers an “internal” curtain cleaning service that will save all the hassle related to the dismantling of your blinds and curtains for cleaning.

Master Clean has a cure for stale and dirty curtains. Master Clean cleans blinds, curtains, tails and pelmets – all on the spot, hanging on the walls. With our Curtain Cleaning Service, it is not necessary to remove the curtains.

And note – not all curtain fabrics can be treated the same way. With decades of experience behind us, we know the best treatment for your curtains, so leave it to the professionals to do a good job!

Need professional curtain cleaning?

Roman blinds

Master Clean can clean and treat Roman blinds while still hanging, for a minimum of hassle. We are experts in the selection of good treatment for work and start by testing the fabric for colour transfer (colour loss) and then determining the appropriate cleaning technique. Afterwards it leavs you a refreshed window!

Vertical blinds

Master Clean specialises in vertical blinds with our unique service so we never have to remove the blinds. We start by thoroughlycleaning the blinds, paying particular attention to head linings, where dust and insects accumulate.

Then we clean the front and back of the curtain – by checking them carefully by hand, and while we do it, we leave your fresh curtains rejuvenated and fragrant!

Master Clean cleaning service will provide you the following advantages:

  • The blinds are cleaned on site – because they are suspended in place. You will not have to worry about removing the blinds and never worry about reinstalling them.
  • We pre-test your curtains in an invisible area to carefully check that they can be cleaned safely.
  • All bulk dust is cleaned with our special cleaning tools for blinds, then deep cleaning to eliminate dust, spots and odors.
  • Handle the curtains gently to make sure that no damage is caused to delicate tissue.
  • Use cleaning solutions and specialized solvents eliminating the risk of discoloration or color mixing.
  • Reassemble the blinds if needed after cleaning to make sure your blinds are like new.
  • Use a protector against spots, which will allow your curtains to stay clean longer.
  • Knowing that fully qualified professionals cleaned your blinds to remove all dust, dirt, spots, odors and contaminants.
  • Your curtains are cleaner, cooler and healthier.

Would you like to have your curtains cleaned professionally AND

  • without leaving home?
  • without having to take them down
  • and without them shrinking?

That’s what we can offer you NOW at Master Clean.