“The carpets in our cinema complex take a very heavy beating, with patrons visiting us 7 days a week. They also get extremely soiled on a regular basis from such things as fat from popcorn, various sweets and drinks all being spilled on to the carpets. But it is important that we maintain a quality image. And for that reason we have employed the services of Master Clean for the last 6 years about 4 times a year, and they have always done an excellent job (I must also say that from time to time we have tried others, but they have never achieved the standards of Master Clean and we have always returned to them and will continue to do so). “
CMI Cinemas, Athlone
“The carpets in our nightclub experience a very heavy usage, and as you can imagine, the level of spoilage is very high. For the last 24 years we have been using the services of Master Clean on a very regular basis (about every 6 to 8 weeks on average) and during that time we have never had any cause for complaint. In fact I would have to say that we have always been extremely satisfied and would unequivocally recommend Master Clean to anyone.”
Tommy Conlon
Bozos Nightclub, Athlone
Master Clean have delivered an excellent, efficient, expert, reliable and courteous service to Athlone Institute of Technology for many years. They have carried out carpet & stage cleaning, window cleaning and specialist floor tile cleaning to the highest standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending Master Clean for any cleaning requirements.”
Joan Martink
Cleaning Department, Athlone Institute of Technology