A Smart Boat Is Clean Inside And Out

A vessel that is clean both inside and outside will get you that smart boat look. Cleaning a boat, even a small one takes a lot of effort and time. But most boat owners will go through great lengths to get their vessel cleaned.

To get a boat cleaned, you have to commit time and energy to get it done properly. Many people spend hours to make their boat look shiny and new but often forget to clean the interior of their vessel. Even if your vessel looks great on the outside, people who get to see the inside won’t be as impressed.

Why You Should Clean Boat Interiors

Not cleaning your interiors will lead to stained vinyl seats and moldy walls. Aside from being awful to look at, it is quite unhealthy. Dirty boat interiors will also lessen the overall value of your vessel. Think about this if you plan to sell your boat later on.

You can proudly take friends out for a spin on your boat if your seats are clean, the carpet vacuumed and the walls unstained with molds. Polish your hull and metal railings, and you will surely get praises for maintaining your vessel in tip top condition. A smart boat is clean inside and outside.

Cleaning Tips For Boat Interiors

To get your boat’s interiors cleaned, start cleaning from the top going downwards. Begin by washing your ceiling and overhead compartments with soapy water or a mixture of water and some ammonia. Use a rag or sponge to spread out the solution. Avoid rubbing the surfaces with hard bristle brushes to prevent scratches on your overhead bins, ceiling and walls.

After the top portion is done, move down to the walls and shelves below the overhead compartment. Use a wood spray cleaning solution or wood polish to clean wooden parts. A disinfectant solution should be used for table tops, especially the table where you clean fish or eat. Use protective eyewear and gloves while you clean your boat.

Open your floor drains when you are about to clean your floor. If your boat’s floor is carpeted then you you’ll have to vacuum it first and then shampoo it. If it doesn’t have any carpet use a bucket with soapy water and mop to get the floor cleaned. Rinse it well and then dry the floor with a dry mop or towel.

Mind The Tiny Details

Remove fixtures like fire extinguishers and life preservers from their wall racks or from under the seat. Get the hidden places beneath these things cleaned. Clean the underside and backside of your ladders too. Polish metal parts like metal frames on portholes, metal handles, knobs, and railings with metal polisher.

Clean glass and mirrors with a damp wadded newspaper till all the smudges are gone. Get the trash bin out of the boat, throw the contents and clean the trash container before bringing it back into the boat. When your boat is clean in and out, you achieve a smart boat look that you can be proud of.

DISCLAIMER: this advice is given “as is” and in good faith. However we take no responsibility for the accuracy of this advice nor for any damage caused by following this advice. We recommend that you contact a suitably qualified tradesman to carry out this work.

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