Getting An Affordable But Professional Boat Make-Over

A boat make-over is a little difficult to do, especially if you are on a tight budget. It is still possible to redecorate your vessel if you are on a shoe string budget. Make slight changes with colors and accents to make your boat look different. Clean and then polish it till your boat shines to give an impression of a total make-over.

Redecorate Your Vessel On A Tight Budget

You can change the look of your vessel by putting some slip covers on your upholstered seats. Use colorful water-resistant fabrics for your slip covers. Use fabrics with prints not plain ones to disguise any stains. You can also use waterproof faux leather material to re-upholster your seats and other fixtures.

When boats come out of the showroom, they all tend to look alike because these vessels are usually made of the same materials. You can do a boat make-over after the original seats and fixtures have worn out by replacing them with materials not often used for boats.

Don’t use common marine themes such as blue and white stripes and prints of anchors and sea animals. Use other themes that you like and apply your personal taste to give your boat a totally different look. Play around with more affordable materials such as faux leather, instead of using genuine leather.

Marine grade faux leather is a good alternative that will cost less to purchase and maintain. They are also very durable and can withstand more abuse than real leather. For your panels, you can also use fake wood instead of real wood. There are many wood laminates that look great.

Tips For A Smart Boat Make-Over

When you redecorate your vessel it is ok to use your own ideas and base your designs on your personal tastes, but it is also smart to use materials that will not decrease the overall value of your boat. For example, re-upholstering your vessel’s seats with shocking pink shades will not make it easy to sell.

If you intend to sell your boat at a later date, keep these points in mind. Use different materials that are original but will not make your vessel look too weird. You can still make a vessel look unique but not something that will be hard to sell.

Another point to consider is the weather. When choosing a new color for your boat make-over, remember that dark colors will retain heat while light shades will deflect sunlight and keep your boat interiors cooler. Think about this if you often take your boat out in warm weather.

If you will be making slip covers for your seats, stick with water resistant or waterproof materials that are also marine grade. If you will use fabric, make sure they are washer and dryer friendly for easy and affordable maintenance.

Professional Boat Make-Over

Getting the services of a professional boat valeting company can save you a lot of trouble. They can get your vessel cleaned from top to bottom making it look like a totally made over boat. Professional boat cleaners can get oxidisation stains out and polish your boat with a special wax to make it look new.

They can use the right cleaning and polishing solutions to make your metals and fibreglass parts look fantastic. You don’t have to change most parts of your boat if they can get it back to its original beauty. All you will need to do for a boat make-over is to change minor things like upholstery and table tops.

DISCLAIMER: this advice is given “as is” and in good faith. However we take no responsibility for the accuracy of this advice nor for any damage caused by following this advice. We recommend that you contact a suitably qualified tradesman to carry out this work.

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